The Social Ocean: Human Dimensions of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (ENVRES 220)

This interdisciplinary seminar examines human dimensions of current ocean issues through a series of readings, discussions, and guest lecturer presentations. Through the lenses offered by multiple disciplines and fields, we will examine and reinterpret the challenges of fisheries management, climate change, conservation/restoration, and human rights. We will welcome specialists in industry, academia, law, and the nonprofit sector to discuss theories of change for ocean issues, with a particular emphasis on marine justice. We invite students to create and share their own “Social Ocean Project” synthesizing course themes and personal reflections.

Co-Designed and Instructed with Caroline Ferguson in Spring 2020 (View Syllabus)

Co-Designed and Instructed with Rachel Carlson in Winter 2021 (View Syllabus)

“Stanford University is filled with dedicated, wonderful professors and instructors. Despite this, Meghan and Caroline stand out to me. I’ve never had instructors so willing to meet with students and talk to them about anything! My life is truly different because of these two remarkable individuals.”

“Meghan and Caroline did an excellent job making the most out of Zoom and helping create a safe and reflective discussion space despite the technological/logistical limitations of this quarter.”


  • Stanford Women’s Community Center Women in STEM Mentoring Program | Mentor | 2019-2021
  • Mentor to Team eDNA Research Collaborators 


  • Stanford Center for Teaching & Learning Graduate Course Design Institute 2020